#WeekendCoffeeShare – Music Kind of Night

cappuccino on tableIf we were having coffee, I’d tell you that this is a music kind of night.  As a point of fact, I opted to listen to music on the way home from work tonight.  That drive is normally filled with whatever book I’m listening to on Audible at the time, but not tonight.  Tonight, the music called to me, and I answered.  So sit back and enjoy a cup of something.  I have coffee, tea, and sundry other things to sate you thirst.

As we talk, we can listen to some music.  I’ve got my favorite playlist going.  Willie Nelson (City of New Orleans) is on right now, and who knows what’s next.  Ohh, Elton John, Candle in the Wind!  I love this song! Continue reading “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Music Kind of Night”

#WeekendCoffeeShare – Off to Bed

cappuccino on tableIf we were having coffee, I’d be having hot apple cider instead.  It is quite nice and feels quite good on a sore throat, which I happen to be nursing.  Would you like a cup?  It’s just a couple minutes of microwave time from steaming hot.  Or, if you would prefer, I have some coffee that is ready to brew.  Will just take a sec.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in on my way to bed.  That’s where I’m heading in just a few.  Feeling bad gets me like that, and I don’t do much else that I don’t absolutely have to do.  I regret that, and since I haven’t been active much, or at all, lately and just wanted to say hi.

I do hope that you are all doing well.  I still have projects that I’m working on (or will be).  Hopefully the next couple of days will yield hours of writing/editing time.  Y’all have a great week!  See you soon.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Friday Night, Staying In

cappuccino on tableIf we were having coffee, I’d offer you up a nice cup of Seattle’s Best that I just brewed up.  Since I’m up getting you a cup, I think I’ll get a refill for myself.  This is good stuff!  Coffee not your thing?  I’ve got some green tea, oh and some apple cider that is really good heated.  It’ll just take a minute or two.

So, we stayed in tonight.  The original plan was to ride over to dinner and a movie after work.  We thought we’d see “The 15:17 to Paris,” but that didn’t happen.  I discovered on the way home that our route to the theater had been blocked by a head on collision.  It would be four to five hours before the road opened said the nice State Trooper that detoured my drive home.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Venting

cappuccino on table

If we were having coffee, I’d offer you a nice cup, freshly brewed of course, or maybe a tea bag to dob in a cup of steaming hot water (if that’s what your into). I’ve had several cups of tea already today, so I think I’ll switch it up and go with the coffee for now.

Another week down and here we are in February. Though it’s too early in the year to say it, it’s true. This year is flying by. Why just yesterday, it was New Year’s. The plans for 2018 are piling up fast with travel and races and all manner of things, and I know already that we’ll be standing on 2019’s doorstep before we even realize it. Such is life.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Oil Change

If we were having coffee, I’d say “fancy seeing you here!” You see, I’m not in my normal spot, tucked in behind a desk in the spare bedroom. Nope, today I’m hanging out at the Jeep dealer, waiting for the oil to get changed. Oh, the joys of adulting.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – A Bit Late

cappuccino on tableIf we were having coffee, I would welcome you to this late #WeekendCoffeeShare post and tell you how grateful I am that Alli leaves the link open past what we would normally consider the weekend.  (Whew, I got 56 minutes to post!  Aghh!)

I hope that you are all doing well out there.  Yes, I’m a bit late this week, but that’s okay.  Life is busy, and would we really want it any other way.  It seems sometimes, listening to others (and talking ourselves) that that is exactly what we want, but I doubt it really is.  Sure, some time to relax and maybe write would often be nice, but if I wasn’t so busy, then wouldn’t that mean that my life was somehow lacking?

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Mid-January 2018

cappuccino on tableIf we were having coffee, I’d offer you a cup of this nice fresh brewed Seattle’s Best that I’m sipping tonight.  It’s good coffee.  Is it the best Seattle has to offer?  Maybe, maybe not.  That probably depends greatly on who you ask, but I think it will do nicely for us tonight.  If coffee’s not for you, I’d offer up some tea or perhaps some water.  Almond milk?  I don’t know, but we’ll find something for you.

Now that we’re all settled, let’s talk about the week gone by.  It was a pretty good one, if not as productive as I would have liked.

On the positive side, I’m starting to get my wind back as far as running.  Since my calf healed well enough to start running again, I’ve been slowly upping my mileage.  Saturday was my longest run since coming back, yielding 7 miles on a cloudy Saturday afternoon.  It was great!

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