#FridayFictioneers – Location, Location, Location


With effort, Carlos relaxed a white knuckled grip on the railing and debarked on shaky legs.  He resisted the urge to kiss the solid deck-boards beneath his feet.

One look around, and his nausea doubled.  He had bought this.  This?  “Location, location, location,” he heard his agent chirp in the back of his mind.

Easing down to sit on the dock, he breathed.  Breathed in clean ocean air.  Waves sang in the distance among a chorus of birds that soared high overhead.  Mountains framed the distant horizon.

Things began to take shape in his mind.  Location, location, location.

WC: 98

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Oil Change

If we were having coffee, I’d say “fancy seeing you here!” You see, I’m not in my normal spot, tucked in behind a desk in the spare bedroom. Nope, today I’m hanging out at the Jeep dealer, waiting for the oil to get changed. Oh, the joys of adulting.

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#FridayFictioneers – Got Gas?


“…Should have stopped in the city,” Mandy huffed. “Didn’t I tell you.”

“No worries,” Stanley replied. “There’s a place… I think.”

“That place?”

“Besides, this thing is great on gas. We’ve got miles in the tank.” Tapping the gas gauge, it fell past E.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – A Bit Late

cappuccino on tableIf we were having coffee, I would welcome you to this late #WeekendCoffeeShare post and tell you how grateful I am that Alli leaves the link open past what we would normally consider the weekend.  (Whew, I got 56 minutes to post!  Aghh!)

I hope that you are all doing well out there.  Yes, I’m a bit late this week, but that’s okay.  Life is busy, and would we really want it any other way.  It seems sometimes, listening to others (and talking ourselves) that that is exactly what we want, but I doubt it really is.  Sure, some time to relax and maybe write would often be nice, but if I wasn’t so busy, then wouldn’t that mean that my life was somehow lacking?

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#FridayFictioneers – The Ride

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

“That looks fun.  Can we ride daddy?”

“Sure Chelle,” he replied while licking the last of the funnel cakes powdered sugar from his fingers.

“Tickets?” The attendant queried as they approached, handed over two tickets, and took a seat.

They rocketed into the air, twirling about.  Chelle screamed with delight as the lights flashed in time with the music.

Daddy screamed too.  “Stop this thing!  I’m going to be sick!”

The ride sped on however, his words lost in the cacophony of the carnival.

“Are you okay daddy?”

Nodding a blue face, gritting teeth, he prayed for the end.


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#FridayFictioneers – Web of Lies

PHOTO PROMPT © Victor and Sarah Potter

“What a nice web you have,” the fly said to the spider.

“Well thank you,” replied spider, innocently. “Won’t you come over and rest a bit.”

The fly thought a bit.  The web was nice, gleaming in the light, and her wings were getting tired.  Though her mother had warned her against spiders, this one seemed so nice.

“I don’t know,” she said.  “I should be flying on home.”

“But it’s such a long flight.  A rest would do you good, besides I could use the company.  It gets so lonely up here.  Please.”

“Okay, but I can’t stay long.”

WC:  100

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Artsy Perspective


“What is that in the yard!?”

“Oh hey Sweetie.  You saw my new art.  What do you think of it

“Mom.  That is not ‘art.’  You are not an ‘artist.’  I can’t bring friends over with that ‘thing’ in the yard.  What is it even ‘supposed’ to be?”

“Supposed to be?  Hmmm.  It’s art.”

“Ugh.  Mom, you’ve got to stop this.  Really.”

“Well, if you don’t like it, don’t worry.  I’ve already got a sale for it.”

Shelley looked at her dumbfounded.  “A sale?  How?”

“Oh, I don’t know.  Maybe, I ‘am’ an artist.

WC:  98

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